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Food Vendors: Professional Concessions Inc, is responsible for all food and beverage at this event. We do not book food vendors. If you are interested in being a food vendor, please email here: foodandbev.verobeachblues@gmail.com

Phone: 561-795-6435. If emailing, include a picture of your rig and a detailed menu. 

Retail Tent Vendors!


Indian River County Fairgrounds

7955 58th Ave Vero Beach, FL 32967

   If you are an Art & Craft vendor, local or national business or anything in between and you want to be a vendor at this event to enjoy thousands of happy customers over 2 days, you are in the right spot! Latitude-88, Inc. is no stranger to vendor supported community events in Florida. Producing many large Art & Craft events, and sporting events annually, we understand your needs as vendors. Book with us for the best vendor customer service in Florida. 

Vendor Application Link at the Bottom of This Page!


Click the image below for an example vendor booth layout (You will see this again within the application)

Vendor Field Plan Blues Fest.jpg

Booth Fees:

  • 10x10 Inline: $165.00

  • 10x10 Premium Corner (Vend from 2 sides): $190.00

  • $20.00 Multi-Booth Discount for each booth reserved beyond a single 10x10. For example a 10x20 is a $20.00 discount off your order, a 10x30 is $40.00 discount off your order and so on...

  • Need Larger Space? Email or Call us: info@latitude88.com 772-492-6105

  • Table Rentals: $15.00 for each bare (No linen) 8 foot x 2.5 foot table.

  • Electricity: $20.00 if you want access to electricity. 

This Event is Rain or Shine. Please See Our Vendor Refund Policy

Note #1: Gas or diesel generators are not allowed in the vendor area. Generator light towers and other lights will illuminate the vendor area all night on Saturday. 

Electricity is available. There is a $20.00 fee if you want electric and you will choose that within the application process if you want it. Eclectic is for the use of lights and small electronic devices within your booth only! Lights and small electronic devices should be low wattage, low amperage such as LED lights, laptops, phones, etc. 

We encourage you to bring your own battery operated lighting and avoid the electric fee if possible. If you purchase electric with us, you MUST bring a 100 foot extension cord. Event management does not loan extension cords.

Anything electric with a heating element is strictly prohibited.