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Welcome 2024 Food Vendors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Vero Beach Blues Festival! Initial applications will be reviewed and submissions will be accepted until all spaces are filled.

Filling out an application does not guarantee participation, so please do not send in any money with your application.

At this event you must be prepared to work in volume with 15,000+ people for the weekend (With good weather). Your wait times for food should not be longer than 30 min at max. It will be your responsibility to limit your menu at this festival to handle the volume of customers you will be dealing with.  We highly suggest you limit your main course items to 4 choices on your menu to reach the goal of 30 min or less serving the public. You must be self sufficient with your own generator power, we do not provide electric. Water will be behind you and Ice will be available. We do not book competing food vendors, we want you to be successful. 


INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR APPLICATION: This is for info purposes only, we will ask for it later. 

- Contact/Business Information            -Tax ID                 - Menu/Product List With Initial Pricing Per Item                        


- Complete footprint requested (including hitch)   


- Photos (Required)


- Proof of Liability Insurance

- Certificate of Insurance listing Latitude-88, Inc. as additionally insured.

- Proper State of FL Approved Temporary Health Permit/ Paperwork for the event period.     

Please take a moment to review pertinent rules and regulations for all vendors before continuing on to the application. If you feel you cannot commit to/comply with the following rules, please do not continue the application process.

FESTIVAL HOURS: On event days, vendors are expected to be open, staffed and ready for business when the gates open and are required to operate continuously until 10:00pm Saturday and 6 PM Sunday. Closing early is not permitted and if your stand is found un-staffed, it will be grounds for dismissal and not welcome back to any event we produce in the future anywhere in the Untied States.

LOCATION RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for the cleanliness of your vending location during the festival and clean-up following the end of the festival. If your vending site is found with items or trash remaining following load-out, your security deposit will be forfeited. (Putting your trash beside the closest garbage can it not acceptable, Please use the Supplied Dumpsters) It is your responsibility to remoive and dispose of your own trash at the end of each day. You must provide a fire extinguisher for each concession site.

ALCOHOL: Vendors are not allowed to sell, give away or consume alcoholic beverages while "on the clock." NO alcohol is permitted at vending site at any time. Operating your booth space while consuming alcohol, or while intoxicated is grounds for immediate dismissal and security deposit forfeiture.

MENU BOARDS/RETAIL PRICES: All prices must include sales tax and be visible to the public at all times during business hours. Your pricing must be easily seen while standing in line. All pricing will be approved by festival management prior to acceptance.  You are only approved to sell the products listed within your contract. Once the festival is 30 days away, menu edits/requests cannot not be considered.



PARTICIPATION FEES MAIN COURSE: (based on a maximum of 30' frontage) $1,200.00 Flat Fee. No other fees

PARTICIPATION FEES SIDE ITEM / SNACK FOOD:  (based on a maximum of 20' frontage) $500.00 Flat Fee. No other fees

No sales of canned or bottled soda or bottled water is allowed


A $250.00 deposit will be required at time of acceptance. Deposits are refundable up to 60 days before the event. If you cancel 59 days or less there are no refunds. All balances must be paid in full 45 days from the event. 

Running out of food and closing your doors is not an option. If this happens, you will not be welcome back to a future event with Latitude-88, Inc. If your wait times are longer than 30 min max, you will not be welcome back. Please be prepared to work in volume with staff and product. Have a local backup plan to restock if needed. SAMS Club and major grocery stores are nearby.

We are currently fully booked for all food vendors for this event but you are welcome to still submit to join our waitlist. Note: once you click "submit application now" it will add you to the waitlist with no confirmation response needed

    Please fill out the food vendor application below and you will be contacted, thanks for your interest! 

Initial Food Vendor Application
We will contact you for other required items if you are offered a spot
Select What Applies to You Below
Upload File

Thanks for applying! We will respond to you with an acceptance status as soon as possible. Submiting this application does not mean you have been accepted to the event. 

Vero Beach Blues Festival - Florida Blues Festival
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