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  • What are the dates?
    February 24-25, 2024
  • What are the times?
    SATURDAY February 24, 2024 from 10:30 AM to 10 PM. SUNDAY February 25, 2024 from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • How much is admission?
    Only $15.00 Bucks Per Day, Per Person or $25.00 for the weekend. These are presale online prices only. At the gate price is $20.00 For Saturday and $15.00 for Sunday. Cash or credit. Visit this link for online tickets: while they last! After pre-sales end, all admission will be purchased at the gates in person. No reentry fee on the same day, come and go! Under 16 FREE with an adult. Parking is FREE. No entry for anyone under 18 without an adult.
  • What kind of bag can I bring in to the festival?
    There are specific bag kinds and size restrictions. No backpacks at all. Please see our Policies Page for detaield info. All bags are subject to search before entry.
  • Can I bring a cooler
    No coolers of any kind are allowed. Please see our Policies Page for more info.
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
    No alcohol of any kind is allowed to be brought into the festival. Please see the Policies Page for more info.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    No food is allowed to be brought into the event. Please see our Policies Page for more info. With exception to foods needed for medications, diabetic issues or other medical related scenarios.
  • Should I bring a Chair or Blanket?
    Yes, we encourage you to bring foldable chairs, lawn chairs, blankets to lay on, etc... This is a music festival on a beautiful grass field! There is seating for approx 500 at any given time in the big Blues Lounge with its own 50 foot bar! This is free and not assigned to anyone, come and go situation!
  • Can we bring shade umbrellas or canopies?
    No pop up type canopies are allowed. Small umbrellas for shade are allowed in the designated umbrella area towards the rear of the stage viewing area.
  • Is this kid friendly?
    During the day, absolutley! Things heat up at night, use your judgement if it's appropriate for your kids at that time.
  • Is it pet friendly?
    ***New County Policy on Pets***: No dogs allowed unless they are a handicap assist animal.
  • When does the music start?
    11:30 AM Both Days!
  • Where do I find the music line up?
    See this link for the lineup!
  • Is there seating?
    Yes, there is the BIG Blues Lounge Tent sponsored by GOTTA GO GREEN not too far from the stage with seating for over 600 and its own dedicated full liquor bar! There is also the BIG dining tent sponsored by at food row with seating again for over 400! You are welcome to bring lawn chairs and blankets, especially for the main stage area with a BIG open grass field in front! Think modern day Blues Woodstock!
  • Is the event handicap accessible?
    Yes, large open field.
  • Do you provide wheel chairs?
    No, we do not.
  • Where is the ADA parking?
    All handicap parking is at the main entry, across the entire fence line.
  • Can I Bring My Gun?
    No handguns or long guns are allowed to be brought into the festival, this includes a concealed hand gun even if you have a concealed weapons license in FL. Please remember this is a private company lease of the fairgrounds property and public safety is our 100% top priority. There will be uniformed law enforcement and private security at the event. Bags are searched and you will be wanded with a metal detector at security prior to entry. Please leave guns in the vehicle.
  • Can I Bring a Knife?
    You can bring a pocket knife. No knives larger than a pocket knife are allowed. Pocket knives term means it must fit in your pocket, clipped inside your pocket, etc. Knives with a sheath secured outside on your belt or pants are not allowed. Pocket Knives Only please. Security will deny you entry if larger than a pocket knife.
Vero Beach Blues Festival - Florida Blues Festival
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